Our Activity Areas

During the construction process, all materials are scrutinized in order to fit the standard which is required. In the construction field, all conditions are examined attentively to bring the most qualified result.
The maintenance of our equipments and materials are checked annually or monthly. In addition; there is a collaborative coordination between our sites and head office to maintain the information which is required.
Besides the equipments and professional quality; Inka Construction has unavoidable values to have qualified projects. Those values are;
Win and Win Partnership
Veracity: Within the company and outside, Inka Construction gives importance to the value of veracity. Between our head offices and sites, there is a high rate of communication and regardless of position; Inka Construction aims to be truthful, sincere, tolerant and accurate.
Reliability: Inka Construction aims to perform all conditions in a proper and efficient way. Being realistic in all negotiations are really crucial and establishing safety conditions is important for achieving the best quality. In addition, the confidence of our customers is valued in order to follow a long-term relationship.
Responsibility: Inka Construction's responsibility is to achieve the best result in our all projects. Moreover, Inka Construction's responsibility is to bring safety conditions for its employees. Inka Construction is aware of taking the steps accountably to meet the needs of customers.
Win and Win Partnership: Inka Construction's projects are driven by the needs of our customers. In our all projects, our aim is to bring the best result for our customers. While our customers are achieving their goals, Inka Construction is adding value to its construction quality and reputation.